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Invited as Guest of Honour

Staff & Resource Person Capacity Building Program at JSS Aurangabad on 10-11 March 2021

Staff & Resource Person Capacity Building Training at JSS Samastipur on 6 March 2021

It was a Wonderfull Moments to Train the Lady Trainers Of JSS


Happy to be featured in CEO INSIGHT MAGAZINE top 10 startuo Women CEO's' in India December,2020.

Invited as a Guest Of Honour

Sutra Excellence Award Beti Hai Vardaan

Impact of COVID-19 on Indian Economy

It is a proud moment to be invited as a Resource Person in the 2 Days National E- Conference on “ Impact of COVID-19 on Indian Economy” to be organized on 11-12 th August,2020 by Bharti.

Capacity Building Program on Life Skills

JB HR Innovations Services(JBHRIS) is happy to organise One Week E-Workshop on Capacity Building Program on Life Skills with Netaji Subhas Institute of Technology, Patna under TEQIP-3. Life skills training equip students and faculties with the social and interpersonal skills that enable them to cope with the demands of everyday life. The objectives of this programme are to build self-confidence, encourage critical thinking, foster independence and help them to communicate more effectively.

Train The Trainer Program

JBHRIS is happy to offer ‘Train The Trainer Program’ approved by National Institute of Education & Training(NIET) to all those professionals and new trainers who want to excel in their chosen areas. It is also well suited for those who are already working and would like to take certification for further career progression. Become certified as a trainer, strengthen your profile and enhance your professional life by consistently improving and learning new skills. In our program we will be training you with 25 Soft Skills. Well designed training material with recorded sessions and PPT’s will be given. Those who are looking to excel in Training, Learning and Development, Coaching and Mentoring departments of various companies and want to improve their skill set to make their CV stronger and existing employees looking for a better role can join this certification.

Resisting Brains to Drain- Role of Communication Skills in Career Development

JB HR Innovations Services(JBHRIS) in association with NSIT Patna has successfully organised an International Talk Show on “Resisting Brains to Drain- Role of Communication Skills in Career Development” on 13 th June,2020 delivered by Prof (Dr.) Sara Chinnasamy, a Political and Social Media Analyst from Malaysia and also a Visiting Professor at the University of Melbourne. The outcome of discussions were how Graduates will soon embark on their journey of entering the workforce, but with an unstable global economy and many looking for employment at the same time during the COVID-19 Pandemic, how one need to prepare while staying at home. This is not only about the question of role of communication but also ‘the question of self discovery’. To what extent one can know better. Though we are in the recovery period of COVID-19, a great time to get to know yourself better, work out what you enjoy, and think about what career you can see yourself taking forward after graduating. Self Behavioral Assessment is important to analyse the characteristics and personality, and it can lead us to the field to which one is most suited. The assessments are a great way of understanding what our values are, what we like, and what we don’t like. At least a behavioral assessment should match at least 70% of these values. Another most Important thing is to Understand the Market , once the student is clear on the career direction that they want to pursue. The next thing is to conduct research of what jobs are available, and what are the demands. Need of the hour is to read the job descriptions carefully to find out what skill sets are required for that specific job. Then look into the ways that one can develop and hone these skills, so you can speak about them confidently in interviews. The participants were from different parts of India like IIMT University, Mangalmay Institute of Management & Technology, L&T, NSIT, GNSU, PWC, IGIMS, IGNOU,ICFAI and many more. I sincerely thank everyone for your wonderful participation.

Roles of Communication Skills in Career Development

Communication plays a fundamental role in day to day life. For some good communication comes naturally but for others it can be difficult to articulate thoughts and feelings and might lead to conflict. As we hone communication skills in workplace, we increase our recognition and earn a platform within a certain company, industry and community. Communication is a very important employability skills for job opportunities. Employees with good communication skills are always appreciated and rewarded. Good Communication can boost career development when searching for a job or career promotion.
*JB HR Innovation Services(JBHRIS )* in association with *Netaji Subhash Institute of Technology(NSIT)* is delighted to announce our forthcoming ..
*INTERNATIONAL WEBILOGUE ON “Resisting Brains to Drains- Role of Communication Skills in Career Development “
* Our international speaker will talk about : 1) How communication can be catalyst in development of a successful career??? 2) How Brain Drain can be converted into Wisdom Gain? and many more discussions will take place.. Interested participants can contact the number given. Registration links will be send to the university/ College department.

Happy World Environment Day

JB HR Innovations Services wishes #Happy_World_Environment_Day

Reviving Small Business:MSMEs Post COVID

Dr. Julee Banerji was invited as a speaker in ADAMAS University, Kolkata. ADAMAS University is one of best private university ranked 1 in Kolkata and East India. Our heartfelt thanks to Pro- Vice Chancellor Ujjwal K Chowdhury sir, ADAMAS University, Kolkata for inviting me to be a part of discussion on ‘Reviving Small Businesses : MSME Post COVID’. It was a moment of pride to share thoughts with eminent speakers Minocher Patel,DrJayanta Chakravorty,Anil Lamba and Pravindan Gadhvi . ADAMAS_University_Kolkata

Webilogue On 'Virtual Mode of Learning

With the discussion held in PART 1 of Webilogue on “ Virtual Mode of Learning” by SAPTARISHIS held on 17/5/2020, it was unanimously consented that Virtual Learning, Training & Education is the order of the day. It was opined sooner the academia get wedded to the new concept, the better it would be for the process of transmission and transformation of Knowledge Quotient. Apt for the higher platform there is a felt need to examine the concept in the area of SCHOOL EDUCATION. Here the ambassadors of PANCHAMRIT would be doing “GYAN MANTHAN” and “GYAN CHINTAN” for drawing relevant relevances. OVER TO PANCHAMRIT DHARIS 🎤 JB HR Innovations Services(JBHRIS) is coming with another round of discussion on “Virtual Mode of Learning* - Part 2 scheduled on 2nd June,2020* delivered by eminent academicians chosen from different regions of India.
Good round of discussions took place with the eminent speakers from different parts of India. The webilogue on “Virtual Mode of Learning “ organised by JBHRIS is highly successful and appreciated. Due to the constraints in Zoom we couldn’t allow more than 100 participants to join. We could identify the continuous increase in requests crossed more than 250 participants trying to join the session. Sorry for the inconvenience due to the time limit because of which I had to move for another round of session today.

Salute to Zee Corona Warriors

Interview telecast on Zee TV on 19 th May at 9 PM . Salute to Zee Corona Warriors Opinions were taken from all over India related to different issues the country is facing at this moment due to COVID-19

Webilogue On 'Virtual Mode of Learning

JB HR Innovations Services(JBHRIS) is happy to announce the date of forthcoming #WEBILOGUE on “Virtual Mode of Learning “ by #Saptarishis on 17/5/2020 at 4.30 pm onwards . The 21st Century with the advent of civilisation, science, technology and software has redefined training, education and knowledge management. Classroom interactions v/s Virtual interactions is the debatable order of the day which is more efficient and which is more effective. The '7 SAPTARISHIS'of this webilogue will be debating of these issues with reflection on ‘Contemporary Modern and Future prospective of Education’. Is Virtual Training going to dictate the portfolio of education of tomorrow? LETS DEBATE 🎤.We are very happy to declare that our #webilogue on 'Virtual Mode of Learning '' delivered by #SAPTARISHIS* has been highly appreciated and loved by everyone. I sincerely thank my eminent speakers for sparing valuable time from their busy schedule. The rapid fire round of questions from the participants were handled so nicely. Congratulations to the distinguished speakers Rana Singh Devendra Pathak Jeewan Rajpurohit Jyotirmaya Satpathy Amar Yumnam Alok Kumar for your powerful and positive insights. I extend my sincere gratitude to all the participants from different corners of India. My love to all my Professor colleagues and Students for participation.

WEBILOGUE ON 'Healing of Wounds'

Dr. Julee Banerji invited by IIMT University, Meerut for the discussion on 'Healing of Wounds'-Post . It was a great moment addressing the Department of Nursing at IIMT University, Meerut. Mainly focussed on Mental and Emotional Wounds, Spiritual Wounds, Physical Wounds, Financial Wounds , Significance of Nurses as a mother, daughter and sister, Managing and Healing Wounds during COVID-19.


After the successful webinar by JB HR Innovations Services on 'Managing Brains During Disasters'in the month of April,2020. Now the time has arrived for another blockbuster for the month May,2020. I have promised my academicians and corporate friends to come with a new relevant topic every month which can add value to them and society. Here, is the topic of my forthcoming WEBILOGUE ON 'VIRTUAL MODE OF LEARNING ' delivered by SAPTARISHIS from Indian Education Sector. Is Virtual Training going to dictate the portfolio of education of tomorrow??? LET’S DEBATE .. The date and time will be announced soon.. ARE YOU READY??

WEBILOGUE ON 'Managing Brains During Disasters

M/s JB HR Innovation Services(JBHRIS) has begun to take off with your good wishes and blessings. It's a dream project for and we wish to contribute the society in terms of Training, Consulting and Recruiting. JBHIS is happy to conduct it's first Webinar on "Managing Brains During Disaster", dated: 26/4/2020 at 5-6 PM. Managing Brains During Disaster The undebatable unique evolution of planet earth has definitely been the existence of human being through a series of natural experimentation. Corollarly to this; unique and non-congruent natural invention of human body has been the brain. Brain is the only organ in the animal (Faunal) Kingdom which is unique to each person. It can neither be replicated nor can be duplicated. This brain is a storehouse of anticipation, expectation, forecast, illusion, feelings, intuition, gut and the like. With the advent of media where disaster are foretold in space and time, in magnitude intensity, the brain starts extrapolating and interpolating like What will happen, When will it happen, How it will happen, Where will it happen, Who all will be affected and For whom it is destined are the natural questions emerging in the brain. The brain readies itself for all questions and answers in its conscious and sub conscious state. This enables human being to either take proactive or reactive measures. In this world of disasters where Management in concrete terms is the ‘Key’, the brain has to be so conditioned that whether it will be individual, or group or an organisation, so as to manage the impeding disaster. Soon is the case with the present scenario (COVID-19). Analysis reveals that ‘Had the problem been detected earlier Proactive measures could have been taken but now reactive measures are being adopted’. In this Webinar, the philosophy is to dwell on the psychological perspective of the “Disaster Management’ and its aftermath with reference to VUCA being the bedrock of all disaster: Corporate and Natural Phenomenon included.

Unleash Your Potential

JB HR Innovations Services successfully organised one day Staff Capacity Building Training Program at Jan Shikshan Sansthan under Ministry of Skill Development and Entrepreneurship Govt. of India on 16/4/2020.

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